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Mission Statement

Balavikas is a civic, social and educational organization continuously in operation ever since it was established in 1989. It is a IRS recognized 501 c(3) organization.

The primary mission of Balavikas is to instill ethical and moral values in children to help them grow as well rounded individuals who will excel in their adult life and professions through compassion, competence and humane approach to people they serve as well as colleagues and associates.

In order to achieve these goals we draw heavily from the teachings, example and leadership of people like Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi, rooted in the values and traditions of the ancient Indian culture and history. While we draw from Indian traditions, we also instill in children genuine respect, healthy curiosity and interest in learning from all cultures of the world. We discuss teachings of great world thinkers of history as well as contemporary thought leaders from all cultures and fields. Often we invite leaders from professions, arts, philosophy and all walks of life to expose children to role models to follow. The basic effort is to encourage children to have an open mind and ability to absorb good values wherever they may come from without precluding any avenue due to preconceived biases or limitations.

Great emphasis is placed on selfless service to others thanking them for providing an opportunity to serve them. Along these lines several practical outreach activities are incorporated in the program Viveka Sena. Such activities including - serving food at homeless shelters, providing companionship to cheer residents of nursing homes, sorting and packaging medicines to be sent to developing countries for use by the poor and needy, cleaning and packaging eye glasses to be distributed to the poor. These outreach activities are undertaken in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Balavikas also collects funds and sends to support projects serving the poor here locally in the DC metro area as well as in other countries. One major ongoing project focuses on classes and services to coach and prepare poor (often slum dwellers) but intelligent high school students to compete and gain admission to professional colleges including engineering, medical, agricultural, commerce/ business colleges.

Sunday School Activities

The Sunday School program at The Balavikas is designed to provide our children an opportunity to learn many facets of cultural and social responsibility and building leadership qualities.

For information please call Dr. Rao at 703 425 7866   or P. Srinivasan at 703 251 0900


The curriculum includes instructional material for beginners and also programs for more advanced students, which include History of India, Cultural and Social Responsibility, and Building Leadership qualities. Children learn Stories about inspirational leaders and characters. The instruction also stresses on dialogue allowing the young minds to share their thoughts and clear their doubts.

How to signup for the classes

At Balavikas we don't insist on any kind of formal registration, and all children  are welcome to attend our classes along with their parents any time. What we ask on joining us is your email address for communicating the events.  

Q. Is there any start date for these classes?
No, you can make a beginning on any Sunday.

Q. Is there any Fee for registration and participation? No.

Q. Is there any age limit for children?
We had always mix of age groups, from pre-school to high school children, and as a policy we don't have any age restrictions.


Donations can be made via checks mailed to Balavikas, 20416 Oyster Reef Pl., Ashburn VA 20147 or via Paypal using the Donate button on the left.

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Virtual Classroom Project
implemented by Ramakrishna Mission, Visakhapatnam, AP, India


Upcoming Events

July 20th, 2024

Youth Day Competitions 2024

Location: Durga Temple

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